Four Things I’m Currently Searching For

Our home is always evolving and as our family grows and changes, so do our needs. With that, I’m always on the lookout for items to complement our lifestyle and I almost always begin by trying to find what we need secondhand whether that’s on Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, or at our local thrift store – that’s usually where I go searching first before opting to pay full retail price.

I’m currently on the hunt for a few key pieces for our home and I thought I’d walk you through what I’m looking for in the hopes that maybe if I share what I’m hunting for, they’ll magically appear in my feeds:


Milly is still in a high chair but not for long, and Emie eats most of her meals at the bench seat and one day soon we’ll need more than two dining chairs and I’d love to find a set secondhand. The ones we currently have are cheapies from Target (and currently sold out) so adding more of the same isn’t feasible at the moment nor what my heart really wants for this space.

Over months and months of searching both secondhand and all the retail stores for the perfect chairs, I’ve realized how expensive dining chairs are and how much I actually hate most of them! LOL. I’d love to find something wood, maybe rustic, but I don’t really want anything upholstered because of the kids. My unicorn chairs are out there somewhere and I know that with a little bit of persistence and luck, I’ll come across them one day.


Sometimes when I shop secondhand (and even when I don’t) I get it wrong. That’s how I feel about our current storage cabinet in the hallway. I found it on OfferUp in 2021 and we stored all the kids art supplies in there but first issue with the cabinet that I didn’t initially consider was that the slats made it so I could see everything that was stored inside and that really bugged me. The second issue is the kids would open the cabinet to get their art supplies and then leave the doors wide open (as is typical of most kids) and it just became an annoyance having to navigate around the open doors every time we’d walk down the hallway.

I’ve since listed the cabinet on Facebook Marketplace and while I’m waiting for it to sell, it’s sitting in the entryway and out of the way. Our house doesn’t have a ton of built-in storage so adding a storage piece in the hallway would make the most sense but I am open to other ideas here – a cabinet? a bench? a tall cabinet and a chair? I don’t know but I’m hoping the right item will pop into my feed and fill this blank spot in our home.


I’ve been feeling really ‘blah’ about our bedroom as of late – maybe because Sikmon also works from home in here and his messy desk space is really just killing the vibe but I’m also sick of the wall color and the bed frame and the shades and the…do you see where this is going? This room really needs a re-do (it hasn’t gotten any attention since we moved in 4 years ago) and I’d really love to kick it off by finding a really great bed frame.

The white upholstered bed has served us well for the last 7 years, but it’s seen better days and I’ve always loved the idea of a canopy bed maybe? We have vaulted ceilings here and I just think it would be the perfect way to fill the vertical space. Here’s hoping I come across the perfect thing!

desk or maybe a chair

I’m struggling a bit with an area in Emie’s room – the wall next to her bed – it’s a big expanse of wall with nothing there except a gymnastics flipping bar and what her room could really use is a desk or maybe even a chair to hang out in. I came across this awesome vintage floral chair for $50, decided to pass on it, but haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since! So maybe a funky chair is the answer. Either way, this wall needs something and I hope I find it!

This concludes the list of items I’m currently searching for. Hopefully the FB Marketplace luck is on my side fingers crossed. Is there anything you’re on the hunt for? I’d love to hear…

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  1. I need to get offer up! I’ve been searching for more of those black chairs from target. And yes they’re not ideal but better than full price!

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