Milly’s frozen themed 2nd birthday

Milly has been mildly obsessed with Frozen for quite some time and when I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, she was very specific: “blue cake with Anna and Elsa” – so that was that! One Frozen themed party coming right up! We kept the party small – just immediate family – so I didn’t feel a ton of pressure to go all out but I definitely still wanted to honor her requests and make it special for the birthday girl.


I kept everything really simple and re-used a lot of party décor that I already had from past celebrations. I did my best to keep it very Frozen-esque with things I already owned without being literal and having to buy all new décor that I’d only use one time.

Table decor

I invested in a couple of white sparkly floor length tablecloths back in 2018 and I have been surprised at how often we use them for parties. White is neutral and the perfect backdrop for any theme – they were perfect for our Frozen themed party!

I grabbed a bunch of baby’s breath at Trader Joe’s the morning of and scattered several vases of it throughout the party. Then I just added some snowflake cut-outs, party hats, and Frozen-looking crowns down the center of the table and called it good.

Baby’s breath is very stinky btw in case you didn’t know LOL but it does look like snow and is very inexpensive.

the drink station

We have a small table outside that has proven to be really handy for parties. I put out all the paper good for guests to grab and go and I always put together a drink station here too. I filled a big bowl with a bunch of juice boxes for the kids and then topped them with ice to keep cold. I also made special blue drink to go with our Frozen theme: gatorade, Sprite, a handful of blueberries, and a ton of ice – and served it out of a big drink dispenser. It was a huge hit and gone by time the party ended.

Above the table, I hung a birthday banner and a few fold out snowflakes up above and it and I love how functional it was and how cute it turned out too.

jumbo balloons

I ordered a bunch of white jumbo balloons from Party City and had them delivered directly to our door the morning of – best decision, hands down! Did you know that Party City offered balloon delivery?! I didn’t until last week but I’ll tell you what…I definitely won’t be struggling to shove balloons in my car ever again!

Anyways, I ordered the balloons and spread them out on our lawn and they provided a big visual impact with minimal effort. I thought they looked like giant snowballs drifting in the breeze and it was super cute. It was quite breezy the day of the party and I wasn’t very confident in the weights that the balloons came with but I saw Deb over at @ourfourwonders tie her balloons to some disco balls a few weeks earlier so I did the same and it worked out great and was totally on theme! I also tied some blue chiffon ribbons to each balloon and it made for the sweetest touch.


Every party needs some form of entertainment – mostly for the kids – and aside from playing the Frozen I and II soundtrack on our bluetooth speaker, I planned a few activities to keep the little ones entertained.

sensory table

I filled our picnic table / sensory table with fake snow (just baking soda + saving cream) and included a few items to play with and the kids played with the snow for well over an hour. My mom actually purchased this for Milly’s birthday and I’m so excited to use it all Summer long.

let it snow!

The big wow moment of the day was the snow machine. My husband loves any excuse to purchase a new gadget and when the weather ruined our plans to use our re-useable water balloons he took liberties and ordered a snow machine much to my surprise. As unnecessary as a snow machine felt for a party with just 3 kids, they LOVED played in the snow and I’m positive we’ll get plenty of use for it at Christmas time too.


Menu planning for a party is always so stressful for me and not always an area I excel in so I leaned into what was easy and served pizza and bagged salads. Taking that stress off my shoulders made for a smoother day and allowed me to focus my attention on other areas of the party that come more naturally to me.

For dessert, we did store-bought cupcakes that I dressed up with an Elsa cake topper mostly just so Milly could have candles to blow out and then for the “real” dessert I bought an inexpensive snow cone machine to make snow cones for everyone. We only did Blue Raspberry snow cones and we served the shaved ice atop a scoop of vanilla ice cream and garnished them with some blue twisty lollipops! It was simple, yummy, and our little 2 year old didn’t care that there wasn’t a big fancy cake.

We had a great time celebrating Milly’s 2nd birthday and I’m really happy with how everything turned out! If you’re planning your own Frozen party, I’ve linked everything below for easy shopping!

Fold-Out Snowflake / Frozen Crown / Snowflake Garland / Birthday Banner / Tutu Dress / Party Cups / Snow Cone Machine / Chiffon Ribbon / Paper Lanterns

Sprinkles / Elsa Cake Topper / Twisty Lollipop / Napkins / Olaf Figurine / Snowflake Cake Topper / Cake Stand / Plates

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