5 Ways to Dress up your Gifts this Holiday Season

Today marks Day 4 of my 12 Days of Christmas blog series and I’m already having to much fun!
I’m just about done with all my shopping and hopefully you are too. Every year I try to make a point of finishing early to avoid all the chaos and overcrowded parking lots. Is it just me or do people all of a sudden forget how to park during the holidays?!
With 98% of all our gifts already purchased or enroute, I got started on the wrapping two weeks ago because I worked so hard to finish my shopping early, the last thing I wanted was to get stuck wrapping all the gifts into the wee hours of Christmas morning. #aintnobodygottimeforthat
This year we really made an effort to spend less and to not get carried away in the mass frenzy to buy a bunch of unnecessary “stuff”. While in most respects, I think we were successful, I still wanted to give a little extra attention to the packaging. Even if what we’re giving equates to less – the packaging (I hope) and the thought behind it more than makes up for it.
Today I’m sharing with you 5 different ideas to dress up your gifts this holiday season. A little bit goes a long way and your recipient will definitely notice! Everything I used to dress up any of the packages you see below are items I already had on hand. Nothing new was purchased – and that’s what I love most about today’s post! You don’t have to go out and buy a whole slew of trinkets and toppings to jazz up your gifts…just use what you already have and I’m sure you’ll be surprised.
The layered look

This look was inspired by all those leftover wrapping paper trimmings that are too small for a package but it makes you wanna cry to throw them out. I started with a red buffalo check base, used a length of craft paper down the middle as a “runner” of sorts and black grosgrain ribbon I had lying around from this project to finish it off. I used double sided tape on the underside of the craft paper and ribbon to adhere it to the package. 
The entire look was finished off by some grey and white twine left over from this project in a simple, understated bow. Th craft paper runner acts as a perfect place to jot down your to and from. How awesome is that?
Fabric scrap ribbons

This next package uses some left over fabric from this project to tie together a pretty little package. I started with a stack of gifts all wrapped in craft paper and tied together using a length of black buffalo check fabric from this project. 
To enhance the package a bit I used some polka dot washi tape on the edges of each package and used a sprig of evergreen for a pop of color. A package that looks good but smells good too!

Big Ole Bow

This next gift is a base of black and white hounds tooth (#classic) and literally just a big ole bow. I wrapped the package over and over with some grey and white twine left over from my closet makeover project and affixed the giant red bow. I don’t think I got it quite right but to make the bow I folded the ribbon back and forth in my hand until I had 5-6 loops on either end. I secured the middle of the ribbon loops with a knot, attached it to the grey twine and fluffed until I was semi-satisfied. Please excuse my poor bow making skills. I really tried, I promise.

Craft Paper Ribbon

This next package was a happy accident. I started with a polka dotted craft paper base and paired it with the red buffalo check. When I trimmed the excess paper while I was wrapping the craft paper package I noticed how tightly rolled it was. So I cut tiny strips from the length of paper and instantly had craft paper “curly ribbon”. 
My little furry friend made himself at home among the packages. I don’t blame him. This rug turned tree skirt is oh-so-cozy.
I secured both packages together with black grosgrain ribbon and wove in the craft paper ribbons for an instant gift topper that ties in perfectly the bottom package. I love happy accidents!
Add an Ornament

For the last package, I just put it all together and let it fly. Mix prints, patterns, textures, you name it…its all fair game! Worried about the outcome? Don’t be! Make sure you have a repeating color throughout – in my case, black – and it’ll all morph together effortlessly into a gift that’s not only fun and playful, but beautiful too. I paired my hounds tooth and red buffalo check and topped it off with a glittery ribbon. Instead of leaving the ribbon tails loose, I left them long and taped them to the underside of the package for another take on a classic bow. Never mind all the rogue glitter that has embedded itself into my carpet! Oye! 
To top it all off I added a dollar store nutcracker ornament I had hiding away. Sometimes it’s great to be a hoarder! Plus he totally matches my paper choices! Add your recipient’s name to the bottom of your ornament for a built in name tag!
I had so much fun creating these packages and putting together these ideas for you. It’s amazing what can be done with a little creativity and the stuff you already have on hand. It makes me want to wrap more and more and more…and maybe I just will!!

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