Creating A Quirky Gallery Wall with Art To Frames

Choosing art for our home is always something I’ve struggled with but when I finally land on something that gets me excited, I can’t hang it up fast enough. That’s sorta what happened here…

I had an idea to hang up a series of vintage mugshots above our bed in the master bedroom – there’s this restaurant we go to and the walls are lined with old military photos and each photo has a list of stats next to the sad looking picture of a new recruit.

After a little Google searching, I found vintage mugshots online that I was able to print off completely free! Although they weren’t military photos like my inspiration from the restaurant, the look and feel was similar for the impact I was hoping for. The only issue came when trying to determine how big to print the photos. Given the age of the photos, the quality wasn’t great so I had to keep the prints super small in order to avoid a grainy picture. A 3×2 photo size was about as large as I could print the photos before they got too blurry but I planned to pair the tiny photos with an over-sized mat to modernize the vintage photos.

Art to Frames to the rescue for making all my wild framing dreams come true!

After browsing the hundreds of frame selections from their custom framing section I selected the super slim Industrial Iron frames that have a really unique hammered look and rivet detailing along the perimeter that I thought paired perfectly with the grainy vintage photos.

Next, I ordered a couple custom mats in the exact dimensions & color (Crisp White) I needed to pair with the super slim Industrial Iron frames for my teeny tiny prints. Art To Frames really is a one-stop-shop for all your custom framing needs – right down to customized mat sizing and the option to print your photos right through the website too!

When all was said and done, my finished frame size was just over 12″ x 12″ – making them the perfect size for this sliver of a wall outside our guest bathroom.

I mentioned earlier that these were originally supposed to go above our bed in the master bedroom but after receiving them, I loved them so much that I didn’t want to hide them away in a room most people wouldn’t see – so plans changed a bit and they landed here which put them in a high traffic area that all our guests see whenever they come over.

What makes the placement even more fitting (and comical)…is that, this little area outside the guest bathroom is now our new “time out” spot. A little wooden stool below a couple of mugshots is where a certain two year old takes a breather when the terrible twos start flaring up – pretty funny if you ask me considering the subject matter up above – haha!

I couldn’t be happier with how this little stacked gallery wall turned out and can’t thank Art To Frames enough for allowing me to customize every last detail of my order to create an end result that I am absolutely banannas over!

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