An Almost No-Spend Master Bedroom Makeover

Before my mother-in-law came into town for the holidays last year (man this post is long overdue!), I got an itch to show our master a little love. After spending so much time and energy on Emie’s big girl room, I was a little jealous that she had a killer room while ours was a little blah.

We hadn’t done much since moving in except set up our furniture and sleep haha, but I figured I had enough decor items laying around that I could piece together enough elements to at least spruce it up temporarily for a mostly free transformation.

With a little leftover paint in hand from our previous guest bathroom renovation, what was only supposed to be a single dark accent wall behind the bed turned into three. Oops!

We spent an hour or two each night over the course of a week rolling on Jasper by Sherwin Williams while we binge watched Survivor in the background and had just enough paint in the can to completely coat the 3 walls that surround our bed.

I did as much of the paint myself until not even a step-ladder could help me reach so I enlisted Sikmon’s help rolling the rest because our ceilings are 12ft in some spots. Even with a little paint touch-up along the crown still left to do, we re-hung our grid gallery wall, swapped the bedding and hosted our family for Thanksgiving.

After the holidays came and went, I resumed my little no-spend project in the master by installing a couple modern black sconces I had purchased a while back above our side tables. I loved the way the black looked against the deep green walls.

Once Christmas was all packed away, the wall space above the bed felt really bare with the wreath now gone so I took the juju hat from the guest room and hung it here to fill the void and swapped the bedding once againg with a few pillows I purchased as a birthday gift to myself.

A few other notable changes / additions: I installed some leftover cup pulls from our built-in project to our cheap-o Ikea nightstands and refinished them a beautiful gold color using a little Rub N Buff. The addition of drawer hardware is not only a functional addition but makes our temporary nightstands feel less Ikea and at least more like Target LOL.

I also took down our black sconces because the on/off switch was hard to reach while we were laying in bed. In their place are a pair of thrifted lamps that I spray painted to look like pottery and I like how they ground the room much more. The sconces will make their way to the guest room since I pillaged the juju hat from there – it’s looking pretty bare!

I also did splurge for black out curtains too – the only purchase I’ve made for this room aside from the birthday present pillows to myself. Sleep is super important to me and a blacked out room is a MUST – plus the room just looks a whole lot more complete and less I just moved in with curtains up, don’t you think?

There’s still a whole lot more I’d like to address in here: a new rug, better quality nightstands, a new ceiling fan, and I think a canopy bed would look awesome in here but all in due time. I’m happy with how moody and cozy our sleeping space is and it’s nice to have a room I enjoy being (and sleeping) in.

For comparisons sake, here’s how far we’ve come in here since moving in (a little different styling in each photo):

Not bad for a nearly free update, right? I’m always amazed by what can be done with what we already have. Is anyone else doing some free room makeovers during quarantine?

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