A Really, Really, Really (!) Big Custom Frame

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Remember this project? Man, this poor project got sidelined so many times (we had an unexpected death in the family, then a global pandemic, and also this) but my rug project is finally finished and I’m so happy to be sharing how it all turned out today!

I had a beautiful vintage rug just collecting dust in the garage – we had tried it several places around the house but it just wasn’t a good fit anywhere really:

I couldn’t bring myself to sell it because not only did I love it, I also knew I wouldn’t get close to what I paid for it either – so it just sat in the garage until inspiration struck:

We have a lot of wall space in our house – which is both great and not so great – when it comes to figuring out what hang to fill the space. There are only so many gallery walls one can / should have in their home so when I got the idea to frame a vintage rug, I immediately fell in love with the unique idea and had to make it happen!

That’s when I ran into my first road block: finding a frame large enough that didn’t cost thousands of dollars. I searched all the online retailers and no one had or could ship a frame large enough to frame my rug – argh! I knew I needed something custom but often times the word “custom” is synonymous with $$$$.

I finally found Custom Picture Frames and after chatting back and forth a bit realized that they offered a service that no one else did that would serve my needs (shippable + affordable) and allow me to frame my beautiful rug! Yesssss!

So not only do they offer a wide variety of frame styles and materials that you can choose from – their push pin service allows you to purchase and ship any size frame – no really…any size! Here’s how it works:

I went on their website and requested a handful of frame samples:

After selecting the frame – I went with ( ) – I gave my opening dimensions to the customer service associate and in a few weeks I received the push pin rails for my frame:

The push pin service from Custom Picture Frames is unique in that it’s essentially a DIY option for anyone looking to source a really large custom frame. Many online frame retailers have shipping restrictions for oversized frames but with the push pin service, Custom Picture frames ships you the frame rails that you build at home and then you’re responsible for sourcing the backing and glass materials from a local supplier which in turn saves the customer hundreds on shipping cost (oversized frame + glass + backing = really heavy $$$) plus you avoid any potential damage that could occur during shipping.

The build couldn’t have been easier – you align the frame corners, push in the supplied pins, hammer in place (with something soft underneath so as not to chip the frame), and done!

This is as far as we got in early March when the whole world started closing down around us which meant that this project sat unfinished for the longest time. Now that things have finally started opening up again, we were able to get some backing material last weekend and cut it down to size at home. Ready to see where we are today?

I painted the backer board and then attached the rug using a few command strips, popped it into the frame and I couldn’t be happier with the long awaited result!

The frame doesn’t currently have any glass/acrylic – makes for less glare when taking photos but we popped it back into place as soon as I was done shooting.

What do you think? So pretty, right?!

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