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I shared an update to our entryway over on IG last week that included our newly framed rug and judging by the response it received – you guys really liked our latest addition! I never quite know why some projects resonate better with the audience than others but I figured if you really enjoyed this unique wall decor idea, maybe you’d enjoy an entire blog post about unique ways to fill your walls. In fact…our house is full of them! Let’s dive in below:


I’d say this was the most out of box idea I’ve had for wall decor but it’s probably my very favorite too! I had a vintage rug that wasn’t being used (more on that here) and decided to frame it and hang it in our entry. If you don’t have a pretty rug lying around you could also use pillow covers, a scarf, or scrap pieces of cool fabric!

Framed Kuba Cloth via House*Tweaking


I hung some handwritten love letters from the 1950’s that my paternal grandparents wrote back and forth to one another while my grandfather was serving in the US NAVY and it was another idea that you guys went bananas for. If you don’t have letters, you could totally achieve this look with old post cards or handwritten recipe cards too.

Framed Family Recipes via Julie Blanner


What started as one vintage mirror turned into two, turned into three, and well…a collection was born. If you have a collection of something – mirrors, vintage posters, baskets, plates etc. a group of something always makes a statement and is a unique take on a traditional gallery wall.

Silhouette Wall via The Farmhouse Project


Whenever I’m in need of big impact art pieces but am short on funds – I always result to DIYing. I made this typography print for our daughter’s nursery and even made an oversized joint compound art piece with a thrifted canvas. There are so many great DIY art tutorials out there – just search Pinterest and you’ll be flooded with ideas to get you started!

Painted Floral Canvas DIY via ForTheHome


One of my best kept secrets is printing vintage photos from good ol’ Google and popping them into some cool frames for instant art. I did that here when I hung up a bunch of vintage mug shots but just Google vintage anything and I’m sure you can find something interesting to fill your walls.

Vintage Ski Photos via Room for Tuesday

I hope this posts inspires you in some way to add something unique to your walls – tag me if you do!

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