My Favorite Spring 2020 ORC Spaces

All the One Room Challenge reveals from the featured designers and guest participants wrapped up last week and if you’ve been here a while, you know that we participated last fall and completely transformed our daughter’s room in just six short weeks. Here’s a little reminder of how her room turned out:

This years participants had a rough go because of COVID-19. Not only was the challenge postponed to begin with but a lot of participants spoke of delayed or cancelled deliveries, having limited access to supplies / materials due to shelter in place orders, and even the inability to hire out certain aspects of their projects. Despite all the set backs, the rooms these participants have produced this season have been stunning and it’s been so fun to watch it all unfold! Here’s a look at a few of my very favorites:

A GLASS OF BOVINO (featured designer)

THE HUNTED INTERIOR (featured designer)

COCO & JACK (featured designer)

HOME MADE BY CARMONA (featured designer)

RENOVATION HUSBANDS (featured designer)

ELEVEN HOUSES (guest participant)

DEWILDE DESIGN CO (guest participant)

CYNTHIA ZAMARIA (guest participant)

NEST OUT WEST (guest participant)

NEON DOVES (guest participant)

DORSEY DESIGNS (guest participant)

A LAYERED LIFE (guest participant)

WRENSTED INTERIORS (guest participant)

The talent this year was so fun to watch and the weekly progress updates gave me something to look forward to during shelter in place. I cant wait for the next One Room Challenge to start in the Fall – maybe we’ll jump in and participate again!

To see the complete listing of participants and their room reveals, just click here!

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