2021 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Teachers + Bosses

A few requests rolled in for a few additional gift guides – this time, for teachers and bosses – and I think many of these items can be given to both groups. I know how hard it is to give gifts to people who you might not know all that well so I rounded up a bunch of crowd pleasing items plus items that could make any desk job more enjoyable.

  1. WALL CALENDAR // nothing like starting the new year off with a fresh new calendar
  2. TOTE BAG // blown away by the price of this bag, I bought one for myself! I’m always schlepping stuff back and forth to work, I need a good bag dedicated just to the task. Comes in multiple colors and if you are gifting multiple people, they have package deals too.
  3. CANDLE // I always appreciate a nice quality candle
  4. PERSONAL HEATER // I have one of these at my desk and use it nearly every day
  5. DIFFUSER // to keep you calm and zen at the office all day long
  6. MUG WARMER // you’ll never have a cold cup of coffee or tea again
  7. LIVE PLANT PACK // such a great price for this set of 4 live plants, this is what Emie will be gifting all her teachers. I’ll have her paint a few inexpensive terracotta pots and it’ll make the perfect gift
  8. BRIGHT BOX // I received one of these from a sweet friend during a rough time and it instantly put a smile on my face. You can choose from one of their curated boxes, or build your own.
  9. HANDS-FREE SANITIZER // a sign of the times but also totally useful too
  10. TRAVEL CROCKPOT // I have and use this to bring hot lunch to work which is great because then you don’t have to wait in line to use the microwave come lunch time
  11. DESKTOP FAN // nothing worse than being stuck in a stuffy office all day

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