2021 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Family Pajamas

Festive pajamas is a holiday tradition at our house but buying matching pajamas for the entire family can get expensive year after year – especially if you have a lot of people to buy for! I rounded up a few of my favorite holiday jammies below (the selection was slim this year) and I’m sharing 3 money saving tips for buying family pajamas that will hopefully make this fun tradition more financially feasible for us all!


Now for a few money saving tips when it comes to holiday pajamas:

SIZE UP – I always try to size up in pajamas so that my kids can get at least 2 years worth of wear out of them. I’m kinda a traditionalist and will pack away seasonal pajamas as soon as the season is over. You won’t see us wearing Christmas jammies in April (no shame if that’s you) so sizing up allows you to get more mileage out of something we only for a short period time.

OUT OF SEASON – once a particular holiday season ends, I’ll jump online and see what deals I can snag on holiday jammies and store them away for next year. I not only do this for Christmas but for Halloween and Valentine’s Day as well. Some times not all the sizes I need are in stock but that’s ok…see the next tip for what I do when that happens…

RE-USE – many retailers bring back the same patterns year after year so if I wasn’t able to snag all the sizes I needed when I purchased holiday pajamas at the end of the season, I only pay full price for the ones I need. Additionally, I pass down pajamas from older kids to younger kids and just re-buy the same pattern for the older kiddo. This year however, Emie still fits in her jammies from last year so she won’t get any new ones and I’ll just buy Milly ones to match. This way I’m not reinventing the wheel / spending tons of money for seasonal pajamas year after year.

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