Introducing Our Latest Project: Milly’s Nursery 2.0

We made it a solid 9 months with Milly sleeping in our room and in those 9 months, she hasn’t slept through the night once. NOT ONCE!

Needless to say, we’re all exhausted and sooo…IT’S TIME to move her into her own space with the hope that we’ll all get a better nights sleep with a little distance between us.

Our home is on the smaller side (3bd/2ba ~ 1320 sqft) and we’ve definitely been feeling the squeeze lately. We need a better long term solution for our growing family but for now, we’re going to make the best of what space we have and switch up the bedrooms one more time. Sounds a lot like what I said at the end of last year too haha!


I don’t really feel ready to move Milly in with Emie for a number of reasons: Milly naps multiple times a day and Emie still needs access to her room during those times so that won’t work. Additionally, both girls have different bed times, and Milly isn’t sleeping through the night so again, room sharing isn’t really a viable option right now. The only other option we’re left with is to stick Milly in the office – our 3rd bedroom:

If you remember from last year, we turned the closet in our guest room into a home office for Sikmon which has worked really well for him ever since his company went remote in 2020 but now we need this room to function as a nursery for Milly so Sikmon is getting booted from the office and Milly is moving in here and while I’m sad that both spaces are getting dismantled sooner than any of us expected, I think/hope it’s for the best.

Sikmon may or may not go back into the office at some point in 2021 but that decision changes daily and I honestly don’t see that happening with the trajectory of CVD at the moment. He’ll still need a work from home space so we’ll be recreating that elsewhere.

So! In case you are totally confused about what / why we’re doing all this, here’s a quick recap: our room will be our room and Milly’s little nursery nook will become Sikmon’s new work from home office. Emie’s room will still be Emie’s room although that’ll get a refresh in 2021 as well because my older step daughter who stays with us part time used to sleep in the office whenever she was with us and she will now be sharing a room with Emie. Both girls are super excited for some kind of bunk bed situation. Lastly, the office will now be Milly’s nursery and this will be where Milly *hopefully* sleeps through night.

It’ll take some time for us to transition all these spaces and there may be some overlap until we’ve gotten everyone settled but that’s the plan for now…


We’ll be carrying the same bead board from the desk area around the perimeter of the room and we’ll be using the same color, Greyish by Clare, to keep the room and the closet area looking cohesive. The window wall will be flanked by a couple of built-ins that we’re building from scratch for some much needed storage.

The space between the built-ins is about 76ish” wide which is perfect for a small sleeper sofa, or any sized bed, really. Our initial thought is to put a sleeper sofa in that space so that this room could accommodate guests should the need arise. We’re all about multi-functional spaces over here!

Milly will be getting a full sized crib to hopefully help the sleep situation and we’ll be doing a few furniture swaps to complete the space.


We’ve been working really hard – Sikmon more so than me – on the built-ins and I’m really excited about where the room is headed. We used in stock kitchen cabinets just like we did at our condo and I’ve been documenting the entire build process to share with you in a separate post.

I’m looking forward to completing this room this month and hopefully (all fingers crossed) finally getting a full night’s rest once everyone is settled in their new rooms! Until the reveal, be sure to follow along on IG and check out the Built-In highlight bubble to see the entire build start to almost finished!

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