Our Home Goals for 2022

I wasn’t sure we’d be in a position to write this post this year because truth is, we’re feeling the squeeze in our small home and have had a lot of serious talks about “what’s next” for this house and our growing family. With a new baby and a spouse who works from home, we could all use a little more space.

We’ve had a lot of discussions lately about whether it’s time to sell and look for something larger or add on to our current home. Each option comes with its own pros and cons and truthfully…our decision changes daily. It’s tough to know what to do when market prices are insane, inventory is low, and cost of lumber is sky high! It feels like there’s no “right” solution and that uneasy feeling has us pushing pause for the moment on any major life changes until we feel a bit clearer about what’s next.

In an attempt to make this house work for us (I feel like I’m always saying this) in this season of life, a lot of the home projects you’ll see us tackle in 2022 is reflective of where we’re at and what our family needs. Let’s dive right in…


If you caught the post the other day, then you know that Milly is moving into what used to be the former guestroom / office and the renovation plan for this space is well underway. She needs her own space, we need some better sleep, and I’m hoping this new room for her will meet everyone’s needs.


With Milly taking over the office/guestroom, Sikmon needs a new work from home space and literally the only other place to put him is where Milly’s nursery nook used to be.

I’m really sad about dismantling this space – especially since Sikmon works like a slob (sorry babe, but true) and I’m really not looking forward to looking at that mess every night when I go to bed but hopefully it won’t be that bad.


With all the other room shuffling happening, Emie’s room will get an update as well. Again, now that Milly is taking over the office/guest room, we need an extra bed for when my step daughter is with us. She previously slept in the office/guestroom but the two older girls will share now and they’re looking forward to some type of bunk bed situation.


With all the room swaps going on, we also swapped a lot of furniture around too. Emie’s black dresser went into Milly’s room so I have a diaper changing surface in there and Emie is getting the antique cabinet that we recently thrifted. It needs a good overhaul and we’re going to add some shelving inside to make it functional, but I’m excited for a fun furniture project this year – it’s been a while!


As our family has grown, so have the number of bags that are coming in and out of the front door every day and we really need to address the lack of storage and organization here.


Shortly after moving in we gave the fireplace a quick paint-only makeover and it’s held up great thus far but I’d still love to give the fireplace façade another update to align better with our personal style.

There a few additional projects I’d like to tackle this year but I don’t want to get overly ambitious with our plans so we’ll just see where the year takes us and hope for the best! Can’t wait to take you along!

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