Good Looking Cleaning Tools Just in Time For Spring Cleaning

The sun is shining and the weather is warming up which means Spring is here and calling us outside. Our house has felt pretty torn a part lately so I’m excited to give everything a good cleaning to kick off the season!

Over the years I’ve realized that when I surround myself with beautiful looking things, I’m more apt to enjoy using them too. Utilitarian tools like the ones we all use to clean our homes, don’t have to be ugly or disgusting – if you choose something you love, I guarantee you’ll be more likely to pick it up more often too. I challenge you to try it!

I’ve slowly been replacing our less than desirable cleaning tools with ones that are not only beautiful, but functional too and I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites and shared them below. I already own, love, and use, #4, #5, #8, #9, and #12 – and have #1 and #3 in my cart, ready to purchase. What cleaning tool could you upgrade this season?

  1. Stainless Steel Cleaning Cloth // 2. Dust and Lint Brush // 3. Duster // 4. Pot Scrubber // 5. Sponges // 6. Wet/Dry Mop // 7. Spray Bottle // 8. Broom // 9. All Purpose Cleaner + Bottle // 10. Dust Pan // 11. Laundry Basket // 12. Microfiber Cloths

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