My Deep Cleaning Checklist

Our house is coming out of it’s winter slumber and every nook and cranny could use a good cleaning. Between every day life with two wild girls and house projects in just about every room of the house, our house has taken a beating.

There’s nothing better than a clean house in my opinion. I’ve even been known to ask for a car detail or for some kind of house cleaning services as my Mother’s Day gift because that clean house feeling always puts me in the best mood and when I’m in a good mood, then I can be a better Mom and partner for my family.

When faced with a task like cleaning an entire house, the idea alone can often become overwhelming. We started Spring Cleaning our bedrooms this past Monday but by the end of the day, I felt like I was spinning in circles. That’s when I decided that I needed a checklist to keep me on track.

I created a room by room checklist and am sharing it below to help you (and me) tackle the massive task of cleaning an entire house. Whether you clean one space each day for an entire week or knock out the entire list in a single weekend, the checklist will help you stay on track and is good visual motivation to keep going!

I started our deep clean in our primary bedroom because it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get in here and really get after it. We’ve shared our room with Milly for the last 11 months so between naps and bedtime, it’s been near impossible to do anything more than a light surface clean but now that she’s in her own space, I couldn’t wait to get in there and get started!

I put together a couple of cleaning caddies (one for general cleaning and one for bathrooms) a while back to save me time while cleaning and it makes bopping around the house with all the necessary tools a lot easier. Before I was running back and forth from the cabinet where we store all of our cleaning supplies to wherever it was I was cleaning and now I just grab and go! Would you be interested to see what I keep in ours?

If you’re interested in deep cleaning your home this Spring but feel overwhelmed by the thought of it – print off my deep cleaning checklist below and go at your own pace. It may take you a while to work your way through the entire thing but I promise you’ll feel good (and the house will too) once you’re finished.

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