What I Ordered from Amazon Last Month

I haven’t been much of an in-person shopper since the pandemic began – maybe it’s the homebody in me, but I kinda prefer it this way and don’t really see myself going back haha. As a result, I do quite a bit of online shopping for myself and for the family (mostly from Amazon or small shops) and thought it would be fun to start a monthly series where I share what I’ve recently purchased. Sounds fun right?

*this is not a sponsored post or series – everything I’m sharing here has been purchased with my own money*

  • We celebrated Emie’s 5th birthday in February and after watching a show with a yeti in it (and then developing a fear about them) I ordered this silly Yeti in my Spaghtetti game to help conquer that fear in a lighthearted and approachable way. The game is super fun and family-friendly but more importantly, it worked! Isn’t parenting an odd thing?
  • I went on a little organizing rampage one day and ordered these adjustable drawer dividers to help separate our massive collection art supplies – so far, so good – I think I’ll use them in our dressers next.
  • Pepper, our dog escaped through an open gate last month and ended up (safely, thank goodness) at our local animal shelter. She didn’t have a name tag on because the last few we’ve tried, have gotten caught on something and been ripped off so when our neighbor found her, he didn’t realize she was ours / she wasn’t wearing a name tag and without knowing who she belonged to, he called Animal Control. Thankfully she’s microchipped so we were contacted shortly thereafter but a few hundred dollars later, she was back home with us and after a deep dive on doggy name tags, I ordered this flush style one that I’m hoping will last longer than the others.
  • I had some birthday gift cards burning a hole in my pocket so I scooped up this cute décor piece and am pleasantly surprised by it’s size! EDIT: I didn’t realize till I went back to get the link that it comes in a smaller size too!
  • We set up a computer station / homework space / puzzle table out in the living room and I ordered this leather desk pad to protect the work surface / corral all the ugly computer essentials
  • I’ve been using these silicone placemats for the girls at the dinner table and it makes for easy clean-up. I love them so much, I just purchased a 2nd set for their Easter baskets.
  • Milly is full blown teething so I bought these teething straws with varying textures for her Easter basket and so far they’ve been a hit and are perfect for her little hands to grip.
  • I inherited a couple of scarves from my late great grandmother and I had the thought to tie one to my purse as an every day reminder of her but then I worried that I’d somehow ruin it so I tucked it away to be framed and purchased this inexpensive one in its place. I like how it adds a fun element to my every day purse and that it’s a fun way to add some personality to my wardrobe.
  • It’s Milly’s first Easter and I scooped up this sweet little bunny rabbit for her basket and I’m smitten with the floral patterned ears.
  • We had an indoor/outdoor chair that’s slowly been deteriorating so we replaced it with this saucer swing this Spring and it’s been a big hit with the both the kids AND the adults (it has a 600lb weight limit!).
  • I bought this colorful rainbow stacker for the bookshelves in Milly’s room and it’s cute but we’ve also been having fun trying to balance the arcs and building towers – I’m a fan of open ended toys like this!
  • We’re a strict no-shoes-household but my back hasn’t been the best since pregnancy and my 3 month stint on bedrest so I ordered these sandals to wear around the house and my gosh, it’s like walking on clouds! I love them so much I’m planning to order another pair to wear outside the house.
  • We have 15-16 foot vaulted ceilings that occasionally need dusting so I grabbed this telescoping duster with a removeable microfiber feather duster and dusting the house is my new favorite hobby!

*To see more of my Amazon favorites, shop my Amazon Store Front here*

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