Then + Now: A look back at Emie’s Rooms

Last year we revealed Milly’s nursery and this year I’m turning my attention to Emie’s room. Her needs have changed over the last few years and we want to tweak her room a bit to accommodate how much she’s grown since we moved into this house but before we dive into the design of her new space, I thought it would be fun to look back on all the different bedrooms she’s had.

I had to dig through the archives for these photos so if the quality isn’t great, my apologies! It’ll still be a fun walk down memory lane regardless.


Her nursery was such a special space and I have so many fond memories of newborn baby Emie in here. I remember how disappointed my family was when I told them I wasn’t doing any sort of theme and that instead, I wanted a mostly white nursery – ha! I’m sure they thought it was going to be a boring space but it turned out to be anything but.

We were sad to move and leave this space behind, but that’s one perk of this little blogging hobby of mine – the room was well documented and we have plenty of memories to look back on.

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We moved into our current home in April of 2019 and by October of the same year we made over Emie’s room for the One Room Challenge so what you see below is unfortunately all I have of her room before that transition. She was actively climbing out of her crib and naps were basically non-existent at that point but this is what it looked like before we made it over.

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We tackled Emie’s room for the One Room Challenge and the end result is still one of my very favorite spaces to date! Emie was heavily involved in the design process and helped me make a lot of the decisions for her room – it was a really fun collaboration with her and I can’t wait to work with her again to tweak her room this year.

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It was really fun pulling all these rooms together in one post – there’s been so many versions of her room but which one is your favorite?

Like I mentioned above, we’ll be refreshing Emie’s room once again over the next few months and will hopefully have it complete by Summer. Most all of the major elements of her room are staying the same so this won’t be a major overhaul but it’s still definitely needed and I know she’s looking forward to the update. I’ll be sharing a mood board for her “new” room later this week so if you’re interested in seeing that, be sure to come back.

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