Our Next Project: Emie’s Room Refresh

I’ve designed several rooms for our oldest daughter over the years and guess what?! We’re about to do it again! It won’t be anything major – just a light refresh to add a bit of functionality and freshening of surfaces – but she’s certainly excited about the updates we’re planning to make.

Our daughter is in elementary school now, has nightly homework, she’s older now and occasionally seeks privacy from her younger sister, and after a series of furniture swaps, her room is in need of some attention so we’re going to give it some.

Are you ready to see what we have planned? Take a peek below:

Fun, right?!

We borrowed Emie’s black dresser and put it in Milly’s room because it was the perfect height for a changing table. We keep all of Emie’s clothes in the closet now so she doesn’t necessarily need another dresser but what she does need is a place for dress up clothes, personal belongings, and all her little tchotchkes.

I ended up thrifting an armoire to take place of the dresser and I think overall, it will work a lot better for Emie plus I love the idea of an armoire because I can put a few baskets and boxes in the armoire where she can store her collections and special trinkets but then I can close the doors and not have to look at it! It’s a win-win for everyone!

The armoire itself needed a little makeover and it’s been a fun little project that Emie and I have been working on over the last few weeks. If you want to see what we’ve done to it up to this point, check out all of our progress here.

One of the other changes we made to her room already is we’ve reoriented the bed to give her more floor space and that’s been a great decision thus far! I’d also love to do a different wall treatment and freshen up the paint with a softer pink color but I still haven’t committed to either idea. What I am positive we’ll do is add a desk next to her bed so I’ve been doing a lot of shopping and Facebook Marketplace watching for the perfect piece – nothing yet but I’m hoping I’ll find something soon!

Emie is my crafty kid and is always in need of a space to spread out and be creative. Not to mention, she’s got homework now and I’d love to give her a dedicated space to work on it where she won’t be interrupted by little sisters. If I can find the right piece (for the right price) I think this area would be super cute.

My plan is to work on her room slowly over the next few months and hopefully have it ready to go by the time she heads back to school – it’ll be a fun project to take us through the Summer and I hope you’ll follow along with our progress!

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  1. This is such an exciting project! It’s great to see how you’re planning to refresh and improve your daughter’s room to fit her needs. I love the idea of using an armoire to store her personal belongings and special trinkets. I’m curious, have you considered any specific wall treatments or paint colors to freshen up the room?

    • Her room will certainly need to be touched up once all the walls have been patched but I never have any luck touching up walls with the same color so we’ll most likely have to re-paint. If so, it’ll be a similar color as she’s not ready to give up the pink walls!

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