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The Entryway Re-do

The entryway in our apartment can hardly be called an entryway. It’s a 4’x3’ pint-sized speck of space that really has been useless…until now! Despite its small footprint, the functionality of this space really needed to pack a punch. An entryway in a home is probably one of the hardest working spaces a home can

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30 Day Entryway Closet Check-In & a Quick Little Project

Hi friends!   I’m back today to give a 30 day check-in of our entryway closet organization project and to let you in on what’s worked, what hasn’t, and how I addressed it.   Remember a month ago when I shared this before and after?   With a few organizational additions installed and some visual

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Cut The Clutter – Coffee Table Clean-Out

In an effort to clean and organize all our spaces and rid our apartment of the clutter we accumulated in 2014, I started down the road of cutting the clutter last month and it’s been full steam ahead ever since!   You may recall that I tackled our entryway closet earlier this year and since

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