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Tutorial | Custom Paneled Bi-Fold Closet Doors

One of the biggest projects we tackled in our One Room Challenge space was adding closet doors where there was previously none. Don’t remember what the closet area looked like before? Let me remind you: The previous owners removed the closet doors much like we did in our previous nursery but as Emie has gotten

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Nursery to Big Girl Room: One Room Challenge – Week Four

This post is sponsored by Houzz Week Four! Wow! How’d we get here so fast? Luckily we’ve made great progress and only have one big project and two smaller projects to finish up before reveal day so I’m finally feeling confident that we’ll finish the room on time. Whew! If you’re new or found your

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Laundry Room | The Evolution + The Process

Anybody watch The Bachelor / Bachelorette? When the new bachelorette Hannah B. said she was a #hotmessexpress…well Hannah B….meet my previous laundry room mmmkay?! Guys. Water leaks ain’t pretty. Or cheap. So when our former neighbors called us frantically one weekend to say she had a leak coming from her washing machine upstairs and we

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