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Demo Day 1

You guys!! We’ve made great headway over the last two weekends, but man…demo kicked our butts! If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw some real-time snaps of all the demo action but today I’m here to break it all down a little further. It was 1.5 days of sheer #bloodsweatandtears.  Literally. For

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A Whole-House To-Do List

Buying a new house has really put my creative mojo into over-drive. I eat, sleep, and breathe this house! I sorta have tunnel vision – and I sorta love it. #sorrynotsorry The problem? I have post-it notes floating around the bottom of my purse with crude drawings and random measurements – and when I find

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How to Remove Baseboards

We’re finally all moved in but when I say “moved in” what I really mean is that we’re living with only the barest of necessities – our mattress/box spring on the floor, what little clothing the closets will hold, and the couch – although I’ll argue right now, that even the couch is unnecessary because

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