Our House Goals for 2020

Happy New Year everyone!

At the start of every new year we put together a house goals list to outline the house projects we hope to accomplish in the year ahead. If you’re interested in checking out our house goals for last year click here.

This year’s list is a mix of big renovations and easy-to-do improvements. I’ve yet to complete an entire House Goals list in a given year but maybe this year is the year?


Our powder bath that all our guests see and use is fine but definitely could use some sprucing up. We have quite a bit of grout and tile left over from our previous home’s laundry renovation that is just taking up space in the garage so I’d rather put it to use in here and make the space a little more interesting to look at!


We wrapped up the One Room Challenge reveal of the nursery at the beginning of November but the inside of the nursery closet was something we didn’t get to. Although the closet got a fresh set of doors, the inside still look pretty much the same as it did in the photo below.

We’ve tackled nursery closet organization once before so I know we can get this closet looking good with a few small tweaks.


We recently did a paint only makeover in the master bedroom but we left the wall opposite our bed completely untouched. It’s a disjointed mess of closets, nooks, and mirrored sliders that we’d love to streamline to maximize the storage potential.


So embarrassing! Our garage is a partially dry-walled disaster in need of some major storage solutions. Just out of frame on the right we have 2 large shelving units that are packed to the gills with stuff and then that massive pile on the left that needs to be sorted through and dealt with. Hopefully 2020 is the year we get this area under control.


We have big plans for the exterior of our house that includes a new paint job and an addition off the back which is definitely a multi-year project but to kick things off in 2020, I’d love to replace our dilapidated cedar fence with a easier to maintain vinyl one and install a new front door too.

That’s all we have planned for our house (for now) but I would love to hear what home improvement projects you’d like to achieve for yours! Let me know in the comments below.

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