2020 on The Homebody House

This year more than any other has given us so much to look back and reflect on. We had lofty goals for our house heading into 2020 and while some of those goals panned out, others shifted in the name of necessity. You’ll see that next year our focus will shift even further and our goal is to make our home work harder than it ever has to accommodate our changing needs as a family that really came to light in 2020. Nevertheless, whether we failed or were successful with our home endeavors in 2020, I love looking back to see what resonated with you at the end of each year. Take a look below at the most popular blog posts of 2020 on The Homebody House:

Your Favorite Blog Posts of 2020

#10 – Our House Goals for 2020

While 2020 wasn’t at all what we thought or hoped it would be, we actually accomplished quite a lot this year – even if we deviated from the list a bit. I always love when other bloggers share their goals for the year so it comes as no surprise that this post made it into the top ten!

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#9 – An Almost No Spend Master Bedroom Makeover

We spent almost zero dollars to show our master bedroom a little love this year thanks to some left over paint and a lot of sweat equity. It’s now the coziest spot in our home and I’m glad you all love it too.

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#8 – A Whole House Paint Round-Up

Probably the question I get asked about the most involves the paint colors in our home so this post complied every color in every room for easy reference.

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#7 – A Quick + Dirty Fireplace Makeover

I shared about our quick fireplace makeover on stories and was immediately flooded with questions about what we used so I put together this blog post outlining all the nitty-gritty details of this super easy project.

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#6 – My Favorite Thrift Store Scores

I was doing a lot of thrifting before the COVID shutdown and came across some great finds. Looking back at this old post makes me miss my weekly visits to the thrift store.

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#5 – How to Paint A Paneled Door

At the beginning of the year we took on a massive project and repainted our entire main living space and all the trim. The new paint color completely transformed our living space and I think you all were just as impressed with the AFTER as we were!

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#4 – Organizing Our Toddler’s Closet

Quarantine afforded us plenty of time to get really organized this year and Emie’s closet really needed it! I love how functional (and fun) this space is now.

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#3 – A Small Bathroom Makeover on an Even Smaller Budget

Seriously amazed at this transformation using mostly leftover materials during the height of quarantine when most stores were closed down. I had the best time working on this project and taking you along for the entire process. This one was definitely a fan favorite!

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#2 – Hand Painted Tile Floor Tutorial

Much like our bathroom makeover post that came in at #3 – this tutorial was highly requested and loved by all of you. Still can’t believe I hand painted these floors but they turned out pretty amazing if I do say so myself!

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#1 – DIY Custom Paneled Bi-Fold Doors

Actually kind of surprised that this post came in at #1 but any time you can make a builder grade something look custom like we did with these bi-fold doors is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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Behind The Scenes

A lot of times we tackle smaller projects behind the scenes that don’t make it on the blog and most of what happens in our personal life is kept private rather than sharing about it on social media. Here’s a look at what we did, a few personal memories that happened month by month according to my photo roll:

JANUARY – we adopted a dog and named her Pepper:

FEBRUARY – we took our one and only vacation before the world shut down:

MARCH – Emie started swim lessons (that ended as quickly as they started) and we built raised garden beds just as quarantine began:

MAY – we had some (socially distanced) family photos taken:

JUNE – We ran electrical in the garage for exterior lights and we mocked up a kitchen refresh for a collaboration that never came to life:

JULY – Drywall started in the garage (more to come on this), we did a lot of organizing, I plastered a planter and never finished, and we got a new dresser for the awkward nook in our master:

AUGUST – I gave Emie bangs and cut them way too short (LOL – I’ll never live this one down). Good thing hair grows fast:

OCTOBER – A fire broke out near work and forced us to evacuate work for a few days and we spent a quiet Halloween at home with an Easter-style candy hunt indoors (we still left individually bagged treats at the end of the walkway):

NOVEMBER – Emie took a rare mid-day nap, I started piecing together a gallery wall, and Sikmon hung our Christmas lights:

DECEMBER – Emie wrote a note to Santa and we built some storage cubbies in the garage (more on this project early next year too):

That’s a wrap on 2020 including all the posts you loved most plus a look behind the curtain here at The Homebody House. I wish you all a happy New Year and next post will be our house goals for 2021 – stay tuned!

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